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Edgenuity online courses are available for students in need of credit recovery.  The student is assigned the class for one period during the school day.  The student works on the online class at the computer and is also expected to do so at home after school hours.  This class will only be effective for credit recovery if the student works on the program regularly outside of school hours.  Priority for this class is given to upper classmen and must be approved by the counselor and/or vice principal.  Edgenuity classes are NOT approved by the UC/CSU universities nor the NCAA.


This opportunity is available for college-bound upper classmen to take an APEX online course in English or Social Science.  An APEX course is added to the student's schedule during the regular school day and students are required to work online as well.  APEX courses are approved by the UC/CSU universities and NCAA, so this option can be used to repeat a D in a course needed for college admissions.  


Due to budget cuts each year, we are not guaranteed a summer school program.  Over the past three years we have been able to offer one session of summer school.  This gives a student the opportunity to make up one semester of a course. 


There are a variety of courses offered to students at various campuses in our district during the evening hours.  Please visit the ROP website online at for class offerings and a schedule.  Students can gain valuable real world knowledge and earn credits at the same time through this program.  These courses require a committment to the entire year long course and may have age restrictions.  Please see your counselor in order to enroll in one of these courses. 


Students are allowed (but not required) to enroll in an online class outside of school and can take up to one class per semester.  There are a variety of approved programs but you must get consent from your counselor and assistant principal BEFORE registering for the class.  Students taking a course to meet college entrance requirements are responsible for veryifying approval by contacting the university and/or by visiting the UC Doorways website.  Click here for the approval form required for online courses



Students must obtain a High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization Form from their counselor in order to take a community college course.  Grossmont and Cuyamaca College courses are on a different schedule than Grossmont High School so it can be difficult to coordinate.  If you do take a course at the community college, keep in mind that you will be treated as a college student.  You will need to stay on top of your coursework and requirements.  Any class you take at the community college is part of your college record for life no matter where you end up in college so make sure you get a good grade or drop the class according to the college's procedures, if necessary.  Click here for more information and to find the authorization form.  Once you have filled it out, bring it to your counselor for approval.

This is an independent study option located on our campus.  Students in this program only attend classes on campus during 2nd and 3rd period each day.  This program utilizes the Edgenuity online program.  Students must have high speed internet access at home and work several additional hours at home each day.



This is an independent study option located at 301 N. Mollison in El Cajon.  You must be referred by your counselor and Assistant Principal to enter the program.  Once accepted, you will attend school for up to two hours per day.  You must have a computer with high speed internet access at home and transportation to the school location.  You will no longer be a student at Grossmont High School.