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Work Permit Info

How To Get Your Work Permit

  • To pick up a work permit, go to the GRC upstairs in the counseling office.
  • You will need to have your place of employment and your parents fill out sections of the permit.
  • Then return it to the GRC.
  • The district work permit coordinator will process the information.
  • You will then sign and pick up the processed permit to take to your place of employment.



As your son or daughter enters the world of work, it is imperative that they be reminded of the transition from school to work. One of the reasons high school part-time workers are terminated from their jobs is being late to work, or missing the shift that has been scheduled. A learned behavior that school officials and faculty try to instill in students is being in school and getting to class on time. This characteristic extends to the work place. When an employer schedules your son or daughter to a particular day or time slot they are committed to work those hours. They must remember that there is little or no flexibility in those time commitments. The workplace is not like school where they can be excused for personal reasons. They have committed to work for that employer and in turn are being compensated with a wage

In order for your student to work in California between 14-17 years of age, they must apply for a work permit issued by the school district and have your written your permission. A work permit will only be issued if your student is attending school on a regular basis. CA State Ed. Code (49100), stimulates that your high school student maintain satisfactory school attendance. To this, the Grossmont Union HS District’s policy (AR, 5121), on students attendance for the issuing of a minor’s work permit is: The student not have more than six (6) single day T’s- truants, P’s- period truants or L’s- late (tardy), in the previous thirty school days which is approximately six weeks, equivalent to a grading period. If your student is found to have more than six T’s, P’s or L’s in this time frame their application for a work permit will be DENIED for fifteen school days. During that time your student is on probation and must clear up and improve their attendance behavior. When the fifteen-day period has elapsed the GUHSD Work Permit Coordinators, will review your students’ school attendance record. If their findings result in a favorable decision your student may be issued a work permit provided he/she maintains acceptable attendance the remainder of the school year. Attendance for all students with a work permit issued for the school year 2008-09 are being continuously reviewed. If their attendance has not met the attendance policy set by the District their work permit may be REVOKED for the remainder of the school year.

A question often asked is, who has the right to revoke a students work permit. CA State Ed. Code (49164): Inspection; cancellation or revocation states, “Permits to work and to employ and certificates of age shall always be open to inspection by supervisors of attendance, probation officers, designees of the Labor Commissioner, and by officers of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Every permit to work or to employ and every certificate of age shall be subject to cancellation at any time by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Labor Commissioner, or by the person issuing the permit or certificate whenever any person authorized to inspect such permits and certificates finds that the conditions for the legal issuance of the permit or certificate of age do not exist or did not exist at the time the permit certificate was issued. A permit to work shall be revoked by the issuing authority when he/she is satisfied that the employment of the minor is impairing the health, education or welfare of the minor, or that any provision or condition of the permit is being violated, or the minor is performing work in violation of any provision of the child labor law(s)”. You the parent, guardian, caregiver who signed the permit to employee and request for work permit form, have the authority to restrict or revoke your students work permit at anytime.

The faculty and staff in the Grossmont Union High School District strive to make your students’ high school experience a rewarding and productive time in their young life, as they transition from school to work. This experience can be achieved when they are attending school on a regular basis and have your support as they move on to adulthood. A point to remember is that working is a privilege not a right. As the parent you gave that privilege to your student by requesting that a work permit be issued.