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GHS Vision, Mission and SLO's

Grossmont High School’s vision is to create future successful citizens by graduating career and college prepared students who can contribute to a diverse society and take advantage of life-long opportunities. 

Grossmont High School’s mission is to create a community that fosters academic success, personal responsibility, and community respect by providing diverse opportunities to develop students’ interests and abilities.

Literate Individuals: Read effectively, write competently, speak articulately, and listen actively to become a skilled communicator

Collaborative Workers: Exhibit self discipline, honesty, and respect while working effectively as a creative member of a group

Healthy Individuals: Acquire and practice the principles of healthy living through participation in recreational and fitness activities, as well as the practice of proper nutrition and emotional, social and physical health and well-being

Complex Thinkers: Think critically, use technology responsibly and effectively, think empathetically and globally, and solve problems creatively in order to compete for future career and life opportunities

Involved and Responsible Individuals:  Respect themselves and others, demonstrate positive citizenship, exhibit sensitivity to living in a diverse society, and understand and abide by democratic principles in order to participate and contribute to our diverse global society