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As Grossmont High School strives to be an outstanding school, we must have a clear sense of the goals we want to accomplish and the commitments required by students, staff, parents, and community members to achieve our vision. The following vision statement is intended to provide the standards that Grossmont High School should strive to achieve and maintain:

I. Curriculum

Grossmont High School provides students with a core curriculum as well as a full elective and co-curricular program. We address academic and personal needs for post-secondary (college) and vocational (work force) success, and for becoming a productive member of society. AT GHS the curriculum:

  1. Addresses content standards and academic content that helps students acquire essential life skills.
  2. Stimulates active involvement by students and parents in their education.
  3. Creates opportunities for all by students to succeed and/or advance given their individual differences, interests and abilities.
  4. Integrates technology to assist students and staff in achieving specific curricular goals.
  5. Develops curricular scope (depth and breadth) and sequence (order and flow) within subjects enabling staff and students to understand progression of materials within those subjects and to other subjects.
  6. Provides multiple opportunities to participate in visual and performing arts electives as well as vocational programs, such as those through the Regional Occupation Program (ROP), community college courses, and the military (proposed Junior ROTC)
II. Student Support

Grossmont High School recognizes the importance of addressing the emotional, social, and academic well-being of the individual student. As a result, each student is treated as a valued member of the school community. At our school:

The staff makes a concerted effort to communicate and demonstrate their concern for each student.
Attention is paid to facilitating each student's transition into and through high school.
Each student is provided the information, assistance, and support that enables him or her to develop appropriate educational and career goals.
The behavior, academic progress, and emotional well-being of each student are monitored and appropriate services initiated as needed.
The school analyzes student needs and develops innovative interventions to aid students in achieving the school's mission.
III. School Climate

Grossmont High School provides safe, clean and inviting school climate that enables students to enjoy their high school experience and have pride in their school. At our school:

There is a commitment to provide an emotionally supportive and physically safe, learning environment.
There is an ongoing effort to provide a school that is free if alcohol, drugs and violence.
There are opportunities for high levels of participation in a widely offering of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
All individuals are treated with respect and consideration.
Clean, well-maintained and improved physical facilities meet the needs of students, staff, and community and reflect pride in Grossmont.
The entire staff, students, and parents share responsibility for the importance of school rules by consistently enforcing and supporting those rules.
Students, staff and the community create a positive environment that honors traditions and creates school spirit.
There is a conscious effort to recognize and celebrate the work and achievements of students and staff.
IV. Students

Grossmont High School's effectiveness is based on the conduct, character, and achievement of our students. While academic achievement is important, personal success by every student must not be overlooked. At our school:

Students accept responsibility for their learning, decisions and actions.
Students learn to believe in themselves and take pride in their decisions and achievements.
Students conduct themselves in a way that contributes to a safe, orderly, positive school atmosphere and ensures the rights of others.
Students are considerate to others-teachers, staff, fellow students, and visitors.
Students develop the skills to become more self-directed learners as they make the transition through high school.
Students become actively engaged in and give their best effort to both academic and extra-curricular pursuits.
V. Staff

Grossmont High School staff is committed to recruiting and encouraging individuals with exceptional expertise and skills in their fields. At our school:

All staff demonstrates their support of and commitment to the school's mission and vision.
All staff have high expectations for student success and work individually and collaboratively to create conditions that promote student success.
All staff models the importance of lifelong learning through their commitment to ongoing professional development.
All staff establishes effective two-way communication within the school, with parents, and the community in order to provide information and seek feedback.
VI. Community

Partnerships Grossmont High School recognizes the importance of establishing partnerships with the community-parents, neighbors, business and government agencies, and other educational systems. We strive to develop the community's allegiance to and ownership of Grossmont. At our school:
  1. The community demonstrates its support for both the mission and vision of the school.
  2. The community provides resources that enable the school to offer exemplary academic and co-curricular programs.
  3. The community participates in the life of the school by attending programs, volunteering service, and assisting in developing school programs.
  4. The community has access to the school's resources and facilities.
  5. The parents play an active role in the education of their children, by monitoring their children's academic performance and working with teachers to emphasize the importance of education.
  6. The partnerships are established with businesses that reinforce the relevance of the academic and co-curricular programs and provide a direct link between the school and workplace.
  7. The school establishes effective articulation with sender districts and institutions of higher education.