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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions:
- Do I have to have an email address to complete the clearance process?
Yes. You will need an email address to log in to the system. If you cannot create an email using Gmail, Yahoo, or other provider, please see the athletic director for assistance.

- Do I have to complete a new clearance for each sport I want to play?
Yes. The system will maintain your information, making it easier to complete future clearances.
- What if I do not see Grossmont HS as a school listed for clearance?
Since Grossmont HS did not use the system for the 14-15 school year, we are not listed under that year. Please select the 15-16 school year and then Grossmont HS will appear in the school list. 
- How will a coach know if I am cleared to participate?
You will receive an email upon completion that requires a signature from both a parent and the student. You will take both that signed email and a copy of your physical to the finance office. The finance tech will give you a clearance card to give to your coach. Coaches will be able to see a list of those students that have completed the online portion. The online portion does not contain the physical.
- Do I have to purchase student insurance?
If you have personal insurance, then no, you will not need to purchase student insurance. If you do not have a personal policy, you will need to purchase this insurance. Purchase student insurance
- Do I have to donate any money to clear for the sport?
No, the system being used for clearance has the ability to collect donations. We are currently not using this function at Grossmont HS. You may see some sections that have donation reminders. Programs will be in need of parental donations, but that will be handled on a team level.