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11th Grade

Welcome Junior Class!

- Click here for a detailed calendar explaining what you should be following up on during junior year.

Junior year can be a very busy and stressful year for students.  We want to help you to get through this year with the least amount of stress as possible.  We ask that students let their teachers, counselors, administrators and parents know of any questions, concerns or issues they might be having throughout the year.  We can help you best if we know what it is you need.

College representatives are scheduled to visit our campus throughout the school year. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet with them and find out about a variety of colleges. Listen to the bulletin for announcements and check on our website for details.  You must sign up in the College and Career Center to take advantages of these wonderful opportunities.

We at Grossmont want to stress the importance of every student having a plan following graduation. This plan may include admission to a four-year college or university, community college, military, apprenticeships, career training or other educational experiences. Last year during sophomore year, the focus was on careers. Students completed the “career matchmaker” assessment to determine what careers best matched their interests. Students then researched those careers and if they liked what they saw, they saved the information to their electronic portfolios to refer back to at a later date. This year the focus will be on finding the right college or other post-secondary institution that is best suited to pursuing the student's career interest. 

While community service is not a graduation requirement, it does look good on college applications. It is recommended that students keep a log of volunteer hours with signatures from supervisors in case one of their college applications is audited by the university. Career Cruising now has a new tool under the “portfolio” tab where students can log their community service hours. Colleges especially like to see an ongoing commitment to a particular cause and it’s best not to wait until senior year!

There are opportunities for all grade levels. Your students can take advantage of the opportunities available on the Grossmont website. Click on the scholarships button to the left for a list of school and community scholarship opportunities. 

Parents - are you curious if your son or daughter is attending school every day? Do you want to have access to their teachers' contact information? The best way to keep up with your students' records here at GHS is to get online and access Infinite Campus. If you need to set up an account or reset your password, please contact the GUHSD Help Desk at 619-956-HELP.

Please be aware that you can use teacher tutorials before, during lunch and after school to get help with assignments and to make up and turn in work! Whether you are having trouble in one of your subjects or not, tutorials are a great way to better understand the material being taught in the classroom and to get extra help from your teacher.


All day absences - see attendance to sign up for Saturday school. Make sure to sign in and out on that day in order to have the absence cleared.  
Period absences - see attendance to pick up a blue sheet. Attend the teacher's tutorial for the period that is missed and once signed, turn in the blue slip to attendance to clear that period absence.


If you are student who is behind in credits, graduating on time for you is in jeopardy.  It is important that you meet with your counselor right away to discuss options and come up with a plan.  For a list of the credit recovery options offered, **please click here**.