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Counseling Department Contact Information

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Be sure you are using Infinite Campus to monitor your student's grades and attendance.  If you need help accessing your account, please contact the district ETS help line at 619-956-HELP.
Parents are encouraged to contact teachers directly with questions regarding course expectations and student progress.  Teacher contact information can be found through the "Quick Links" at the top of the page.

Counseling Department Contacts


Laura Dawson
Laura Dawson
(619) 668-6045
 Counseling Department Chair
Wellness Counselor
Periods 2-7
Deborah Samson Aguila Picture
Deborah Samson Aguila
(619) 668-6048
Last Names A-Ca
Periods 1-6
Amy Steveson Picture
Amy Steveson
(619) 668-6049 
Last Names Ce-Gon
Periods 1-6
Juli website pic
Julianna Manuel
(619) 668-6047
Last Names Goo-Ka
Periods 2-7
Jessica Porfirio
Jessica Porfirio
(619) 668-6036
Last Names Ke-Ne
Periods 1-6
Dulce Otero
Dulce Otero
(619) 668-6027
Last Names Ng-San
Periods 2-7
Rebecca Vargas-Wilson Picture
Rebecca Vargas-Wilson
(619) 668-6042
Last Names Sao-Z
Periods 1-6

Academic Advisors

Karin Dann Picture
Karin Dann
(619) 668-6041
9th & 10th Grades 
Krista Santoro Picture
Krista Santoro
(619) 668-6050
11th & 12th Grades

Support Staff

Hannah Cuevas, Admin. Asst.
Hannah Cuevas
(619) 668-6039
Counseling Admin. Assistant
Lori Cromwell
Lori Cromwell
(619) 668-6050
Grossmont Resource Center
Admin. Assistant