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Advancement Via Individual Determination

Missions Statement:
“AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.”At Grossmont, students in the AVID program are guided through the steps of WICOR, in order to prepare them for the rigor of their classes and their future as a college student. Students participate in weekly tutorials with college tutors, community building, goal setting, guided research assignments and a variety of other activities to enrich their college readiness reading and writing skills.



W- Writing

I- Inquiry

C- Collaboration

O- Organization

R- Reading

Writing to learn by critically responding to a text

Inquiry based on Costa’s levels of questions

Collaboration with peers in tutorial and group activities

Organization of binder, classes, notes and academic goals

Reading critically and responding to the text through deeper analysis

2014-2015 AVID Teachers:
  • Amber Garrett - 11th grade AVID- AVID Coordinator
  • Olivia Jensen- 12th grade AVID
  • Sara Ortiz- 9th/10th grade AVID
  • Elizabeth Stellin- 9th/10th grade AVID

2014-2015 AVID Tutors:
  • Peter Magistrale- Attends Grossmont College, Majoring in Geology
  • Ashian Nuristani-Attends Grossmont College, Sociology Major
  • Safen Mohammed- Attends SDSU, Majoring in Criminal Justice and double minoring in Sociology and Counseling & Social Change
  • Rahwa Mengisteab-  Attends Grossmont College, Majoring in Public Health
  • Al El Causapin- Attends SDSU, Majoring in Criminal Justice

For more information on the AVID program across the Nation, upcoming AVID scholarships and educational opportunities, please check out the AVID website:
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